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ZBiotics in the News

ZBiotics innovative probiotic drink in the press

From the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to an on-camera trial by a brave Australian reporter, journalists from across the globe help us spread the word about the world's first genetically engineered probiotic. Here are some of those features. 


Built with Biology Digest, Larry Upton, Synbiobeta, December 9, 2021.


ZBiotics Rivals Supplements With Next Wave of Genetically Modified Probiotics, Matt Newberg, Hngry, December 1, 2021.


Beverage Startups See Money Pour In Following Pandemic Pullback, Isaac Taylor, Wall Street JournalAugust 03, 2021.


PepsiCo selects 10 emerging innovators for Greenhouse Accelerator, Eric Schroeder, Food Business News, January 14, 2021.


Inside the murky world of probiotics, Jackson Ryan, CNET, September 9, 2019. 


ZBiotics Launches First Product, Taylor Craig, Cheddar, August 16, 2019.



Here’s A Must-Read Before Tonight’s Party: The World’s First GMO Probiotic Is Here..., John Cumbers, Forbes, September 19, 2019.


The world's first GMO probiotic is for sale, Ryan Cross, Chemical & Engineering News, August 19, 2019.


A first-of-its-kind probiotic...It works by breaking down a dangerous byproduct of booze, Gabby Landsverk, Business Insider, August 16, 2019.


ZBiotics releases first GMO probioticNutraceutical Business Review, September 12, 2019.