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ZBiotics in the News

News heard round the world at the launch of ZBiotics


From the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to an on-camera trial by a brave Australian reporter, journalists from across the globe helped us celebrate the launch of the world's first genetically engineered probiotic 1 month ago. Here are some of those articles.


Poo transplants and hangover cures: Inside the murky world of probiotics, Jackson Ryan, CNET, September 9, 2019. 

The world's first genetically engineered probiotic comes in a thumb-sized glass bottle, a Silicon Valley facsimile of Alice in Wonderland's "drink me" potion. Designed to make you feel better after a night of drunken debauchery, it's already been dubbed by some as a "hangover cure." The truth is more complex….


A Cure for Hangovers? Zbiotics Launches First Product, Taylor Craig, Cheddar, August 16, 2019.

Zbiotics wants to become part of your Saturday night routine. The company’s first product launched Thursday and is aimed at mitigating the negative consequences felt after a night out drinking…. Printed on the Zbiotics label is the phrase “Proudly GMO,” another point that Abbott says sets the product apart. “Today is actually a monumental day,” Abbott said. “It’s the first-ever genetically engineered probiotic to be released on the market. We wanted to make sure consumers had access to that technology.



Here’s A Must-Read Before Tonight’s Party: The World’s First GMO Probiotic Is Here To End All Hangovers — And It Works, John Cumbers, Forbes, September 19, 2019.

With its recent launch on August 17th, the FDA compliant, patent-pending probiotic drink is the first genetically engineered probiotic to break down a toxic byproduct of alcohol called acetaldehyde, and it works.


The world's first GMO probiotic is for sale; it's designed to prevent hangovers, Ryan Cross, Chemical & Engineering News, August 19, 2019.

It’s likely the world’s first genetically engineered probiotic, and the start-up isn’t bashful that it’s a genetically-modified organism, or GMO…. Ultimately, Abbott says, the company is about putting genetic engineering in the hands of the people.


A first-of-its-kind probiotic aims to combat hangover symptoms. It works by breaking down a dangerous byproduct of booze, Gabby Landsverk, Business Insider, August 16, 2019.

Planning for a big night out, but already dreading the sure-to-be-rough morning after? A team of scientists aims to fix that. ZBiotics, the brainchild of microbiologist Zach Abbott, is a probiotic designed to ease the uncomfortable side effects of drinking…. ZBiotics has a simple and specific purpose – to help break down acetaldehyde, a by-product of metabolizing ethanol, aka booze.


Podcast: This GMO probiotic helps prevent hangovers—can it ease consumer fear of biotechnology? Cameron English, Genetic Literacy Project, September 10, 2019.  

Most of us are very familiar with the next-day effects of consuming alcohol, but genetic engineering may have finally made them more tolerable. California-based biotech startup ZBiotics has developed a probiotic it claims can help your body more efficiently metabolize alcohol, possibly preventing hangovers—or at least making them a little less miserable.


“Drink like there’s tomorrow”: Hangover-alleviating probiotic hits US market: ZBiotics’ bio-engineered solution will be “proudly” labeled as GMO, Missy Green, Nutrition Insight, August 15, 2019. 

The launch of ZBiotics marks a landmark advancement in the field of biotechnology applied to probiotics. “We are only scratching the surface,” company Co-Founder/CEO and Ph.D. Microbiologist Zack Abbott, tells NutritionInsight.…

Wine Without the Whine, Karen Batra, BiotechNow, August 29, 2019.

As you consider your holiday menu and shopping list for the Labor Day weekend, drink a toast to science and innovation for enhancing many of our staple foods – and beverages!…. Just last week, a San Francisco-based start-up called ZBiotics began selling its probiotic drink. The main ingredient is a genetically engineered bacteria that breaks down acetaldehyde….


ZBiotics releases first GMO probioticNutraceutical Business Review, September 12, 2019.

The new product from the San Francisco startup marks the first time this biotechnology has been applied to probiotics.


Podcast Episode 114. Why LeBron’s Poop Could Help You Lose Weight, GMOs Rock and Your Gut Gets Last Word on Disease | Zack Abbott of ZBiotics, The Disruptors. 

By building genetically engineered products that solve real human needs, [ZBiotics CEO Zack Abbott] hopes to reverse the misinformation and lack of understanding that has contributed to the negative public perception of GMOs.


ZBiotics Launches Probiotic Shot to Aid Alcohol Byproduct Digestion, Press Release, BevNet, August 15, 2019.