Frequently Asked Questions

Top 5 Questions

What is ZBiotics™?
How does it work?
What is acetaldehyde?
Is it safe?
How do I drink it?

Drinking ZBiotics™

What's the dark stuff at the bottom of the bottle?
Is ZBiotics™ flavored? What is its consistency?
When do I drink it?
How should I store it? Does it need to be refrigerated?
What if I drink ZBiotics™ the morning after drinking? Will it help?
Does ZBiotics™ expire?


Is this FDA-compliant?
Does ZBiotics™ affect my level of intoxication?
Does ZBiotics™ allow me to drink more?
Will ZBiotics™ change my microbiome?


I thought alcohol causes dehydration?
How does acetaldehyde make me feel?
How will ZBiotics™ make me feel?


What is the primary ingredient in ZBiotics™?
Why is this different than other products out there?
Does this product contain soy?
Why don’t you use plant extracts, electrolytes, or other supplement ingredients?
Is ZBiotics™ all-natural?

Genetic Engineering

What is genetic engineering (or "bioengineering")?
Is genetic engineering the same as genetic modification or GMO?
What is genetically engineered in ZBiotics™?
What about GMO safety?
What else is a GMO?


How can something in the gut affect the rest of my body?
This is amazing! How can I help spread the word?


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