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Staying Fit and Drinking Alcohol: A Q&A with Mind Pump About Balance

A discussion on alcohol and fitness


After a night of drinking, it can be difficult just getting out of bed in the morning. And if that next day includes an early morning hike, a visit to the gym, a dance class, or other physical activity -- you may as well kiss your plans good-bye.

ZBiotics customers tell us all the time that one of the biggest benefits they experience is being able to make their workout the next day. We wanted to know: what is the best way to enjoy the occasional night of drinks and still stay on track with your fitness goals?

As scientists, we value expertise so naturally we turned to the experts. Specifically, the fitness experts that host the popular podcast: Mind Pump.

The hosts at Mind Pump are serious about fitness and fitness education. It’s their livelihood and they’re good at it. Just ask all the people who contribute to over 1 million listens each month. They’ve been on our radar ever since they discovered ZBiotics in 2019. Together, we’ve had a great time working with them for the last year to help people balance an active lifestyle and enjoying the occasional cocktail.

Of course, the Mind Pump podcast is only part of the hosts’ busy lives so we reached out to them with a few rapid-fire questions that ZBiotics blog readers might have about fitting personal fitness goals into their lives and questions about the hosts themselves.

What are your top habits or practices that keep you on track with your fitness goals?

Adam: Walk after every meal, follow a MAPS program for consistency, eat clean, and if you're not moving or working out, that's not the day to eat bad food or drink.

Sal: I work out before my day starts. This ensures my consistency. I also drink only water, and I avoid processed foods.

How does drinking alcohol fit into your bigger picture of health and fitness? Has drinking alcohol ever knocked you off track with your health and fitness goals?

Doug: If you drink infrequently and in moderation, it’s typically not a challenge.

Justin: Having drinks is my way of winding down and enjoying time with my wife. If I’m competing, I drink less or not at all. I think of alcohol as a treat and drink it very infrequently to celebrate.

What do you do before and during a night of drinking?

Adam: I drink ZBiotics before drinking, and I have 8 oz of water and 3 Advils before bed.

Doug: ZBiotics, of course! Lots of water while drinking, and I sleep as long as possible.

What is your pre-workout meal/routine the morning after a night of drinking?

Justin: Scrambled eggs and bacon with hash browns.

Sal: Caffeine and water.

What do you think are some common misconceptions about having a fitness program and drinking alcohol?

Adam: That drinking in moderation can't be a lifestyle.

Sal: That responsible alcohol consumption cannot be a part of a lean lifestyle.

Are there any types of alcohol you dislike or avoid?

Adam: No.

Doug: Gin.

Justin: Rum!

Sal: Tequila.

What’s your alcoholic beverage of choice?

Adam: Moscow mules.

Doug: Old fashioned.

Justin: Whiskey on the rocks or an old fashioned.

Sal: Moscow mule.

What we’ve learned from the hosts of Mind Pump is that balance can be achieved in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle with the occasional drink or two. Staying fit doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aspects of your social life or only consume a rigid set of foods and drinks. If these active, busy guys can do it then you can, too!

That’s why we created our patented probiotic drink, so that you can have a great time with your friends without sacrificing your next day’s plans. We’d be happy to sit down for a cocktail with the Mind Pump hosts, knowing we’ll all be ready to seize the day in the morning. To get your own stash of ZBiotics, click here.

Zack Abbott ZBiotics and Mind Pump Media