GMO for good

Tomorrow Morning is
Only the Beginning...


ZBiotics Mission:
GMO for Good

Genetic engineering has given us incredible things:
life saving medicines, stress-resistant and more
nutritious crops, production methods that use less
resources and don't require the killing of animals.

But this technology remains difficult to understand
outside of big corporations and university labs.
The result? People have come to question
the good this technology can do for the world.
We want to change that.


ZBiotics' mission is to use genetic engineering to build something new: products that improve everyday living in ways people can experience for themselves.

ZBiotics is out to create incredible experiences for
our customers, and to do so responsibly;
giving people the information they need to
make their own informed decisions about our
products. It's a new approach to genetic

transparent, responsible,
& built to benefit you directly.

"GMO 2.0"


A new approach
to GMO labeling

We label every one of our bottles “Proudly GMO.” And we think others should do the same.

Read about gmo labeling

Product safety
above all else

ZBiotics is safe but it’s new, so we totally understand asking questions before trying it. That’s why we publish our safety data, approach, and design process, so you can dig into the details to be sure.

Read about GEM safety

Bacillus subtilis

Critical thinking: The case on paper

Designing ZB183 with safety in mind from the very beginning.

Data: 2+ years of testing

Testing ZB183 to validate our hypotheses.

Engineering: GMO safety generally

What we know about the safety of genetic engineering as a tool.

Compliance: Meeting our regulatory obligations

Being good citizens and responsible stewards of this technology.

History: In good company

Tens of thousands of happy customers.


Elevating the GMO

GMOs are about much more than agriculture. Check out all the incredible ways genetic engineering is being used to create a better, more sustainable world.

More on genetic engineering


Makes insulin more accessible (and in a more accessible manner) to people with diabetes by producing human insulin using bacteria instead of animals.

Modern Meadow

Uses microbes to produce alternatives to leather and animal materials for the fashion industry, generating 80% less greenhouse gases than traditional leather.

C16 Biosciences

Produces next-generation oils and fats to decarbonize the consumer products supply chain — starting with a sustainable alternative to palm oil and palm-derived ingredients.

Impossible Foods

Engineers yeast to produce incredible-tasting veggie burgers, which use 87% less water and produce 89% fewer greenhouse gases than traditional burgers.


Engineers microbes to produce novel chemicals for the beauty and food industries more sustainably than traditional agriculture.


Makes disposable, biodegradable packaging out of fungi, eliminating the unsustainable manufacturing practices of current foams and textiles.

ZBiotics in a Nutshell