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Why ZBiotics Looks Different

A new look

ZBiotics with a cocktail


If you’ve gotten to know ZBiotics, you’ll notice we’ve updated our look. Here’s why:

When we first launched ZBiotics, we knew that something so fundamentally new would not be naturally familiar to people. So we launched with a look and feel that focused on making ZBiotics friendly and playful. Some of these elements were on the right track. People told us how they loved our focus on science and they praised the sleek look of our packaging.

But all of that was before we had a chance to get to know our customers. As we got to know them better, we learned some new and important things about our branding. Through many chats, phone calls, emails, and even a few focus groups, our community consistently told us the following:

  • No nonsense, just the science please
  • Keep it clean and simple
  • No need to be cute or clever
  • Your honesty rocks, keep it up
  • Focus more on explaining how it works

This was music to our ears, truly! For the ZBiotics brand, we’ve always valued science, credibility, quality, and straightforward, honest explanations. It felt like our community was telling us to just be ourselves. So we went about making that happen.

First things first, we swapped our playful, fun illustrations for clean, instructional ones.

And replaced language that was more clever than it was clear.

Next, we added some photos of the product in context (with real human beings!) to show when and how it’s used.

Then we added a new page to the website called “How it Works” for folks who want to get right to the point.

And across the board, we upped the quality, got rid of the fluff, and made everything look cleaner.

We think it looks nice! What do you think?

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