A New Probiotic for When You Drink

Using the power of genetic engineering, ZBiotics® Pre-Alcohol Probiotic Drink makes miserable mornings after drinking a thing of the past.

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A New Probiotic for When You Drink

A revolutionary pre-alcohol probiotic, made with the power of genetic engineering.

Free shipping on US orders. 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


Meet Pre-Alcohol

You don't have to sacrifice a good night for a better morning.


When you drink alcohol, an unwanted byproduct called acetaldehyde forms in your gut, creating particularly rough feelings for you the next morning.


ZBiotics® Pre-Alcohol is the only product that breaks down acetaldehyde while you drink, helping you feel better the morning after.

With Pre-Alcohol, I'm no longer playing Russian roulette with my productivity the next day. Life is too short to spend a whole day recovering.

Sophina T.


Pre-Alcohol has been such a huge help for me in reducing my anxiety around having a drink or two with friends during the week! What used to cause a very inevitable and very obvious drop in my productivity and creativity the next day is now an enjoyable, stress-free night with friends.

Kofi O.

Software engineer and singer/songwriter

One of the most practical and necessary synbio innovations yet - and yes, it actually works.

My husband and I don’t drink without it.

Abigail Y.

Startup Chief of Staff

How It Works

Real science, not just supplements.

Your liver is great at digesting acetaldehyde — the main culprit in those rough mornings after drinking. But unfortunately, most acetaldehyde accumulates in your gut, creating problems the next day.

So we used biotechnology to build a solution: a genetically engineered probiotic that produces the same type of enzyme as your liver. Simply put, it replicates your liver’s natural process where it matters most: your gut.

Over 4,000,000 Mornings Saved

Meet our Lead Scientists

Dr. Zack Abbott, CEO

University of Michigan

Dr. John W.K. Oliver, VP of R&D

University of California, Davis
Wyss Institute, Harvard Medical School

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