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Who Drinks ZBiotics® Pre-Alcohol Probiotic?

Learn what motivates ZBiotics customers to prepare for tomorrow.

Customers of ZBiotics

Since launching in 2019, ZBiotics has been lucky to count thousands of people among our customers. We created ZBiotics® Pre-Alcohol Probiotic for people who want to get the most out of life. Their active lifestyles and busy schedules mean that they care about what they’re doing tonight and tomorrow. Improving their morning after a night of drinks helps them live well no matter what life throws their way.

ZBiotics is for anybody, but not everybody.

We know that not everyone drinks alcohol and not everyone has a need for this specific bioengineered product. ZBiotics won’t work for people who don’t drink responsibly or expect a miracle the morning after. But for the people who do drink alcohol responsibly and are excited about this cutting-edge technology, we’re proud to have invented a first-of-its-kind probiotic drink that adds substantive value to their lives.

So, what do ZBiotics customers have in common? In a recent survey, we asked our customers about the most important ways ZBiotics helps them live better after drinking. The top two responses were enjoying next day experiences and meeting next day responsibilities.

Our customers aren’t only interested in ZBiotics for its revolutionary effect on acetaldehyde, but also for its ability to help them live full, healthy, happier lives. To really understand what life with ZBiotics looks like, we included some customer reviews of ZBiotics from real people we’re grateful to count among our customers.

People Who Prepare

ZBiotics customers drink responsibly. They know our product has no impact on intoxication—that’s why they treat it like insurance for the next day. 70% of our customers said they’re likely to reach for a ZBiotics when they expect to have at least a couple of drinks or more than they usually do. They know how alcohol will make them feel the next day, so before they even start drinking, they make sure to set themselves up for success in the morning.

A pie graph depicting the various responses of ZBiotics customers and when they choose to drink ZBiotics

But ZBiotics is just as functional whether you have one drink or three. Preparing for the third day of a music festival can share the same worries as a weekday beer with dinner if you have plans the next day.

Customers of ZBiotics need to think ahead because they’re living busy lives. Whether they’re professionals, parents, travelers, or other busy individuals, they want to enjoy happy hour or a nightcap without sacrificing their to-do list. For them, drinking ZBiotics is an investment in tomorrow.

“ZBiotics has been such a huge help for me in reducing my anxiety around having a drink or two with friends during the week! What used to cause a very inevitable and very obvious drop in my productivity and creativity the next day is now an enjoyable, stress-free night with friends.” - Kofi O., a software engineer and singer

Customers of ZBiotics


ZBiotics customers put their health first, so they stick to the routines that make them feel their best. They’re not going to let a couple drinks get in the way of their morning workout!

“Even last night, had a couple of beers, went to some breweries…and today, hiked 10 miles in the beautiful Washington State Cascade Mountains so thank you, ZBiotics, for letting us have our fun and live our lives, too.” - Kristin A., a Navy nurse and lover of the Great Outdoors

When asked what activities they’re passionate about, 68% of our customers said fitness and 58% said healthy eating. They look to fitness and nutrition experts to stay informed and help them live an active, balanced life—one that can also include drinking in moderation.

A bar graph depicting the various responses of ZBiotics customers and what their interests are

In fact, drinking mindfully and intentionally is how our customers incorporate ZBiotics into their healthy lifestyles. Living a healthy life also means maintaining healthy habits with alcohol.

Social Creatures

59% of ZBiotics customers say that socializing is their main motivation for drinking. They’re excited to celebrate big events like weddings, birthdays, and holiday parties; they look forward to going on vacations with friends and family—and meeting new people along the way.

For many people, drinking will be a part of social events, so our customers stay prepared with ZBiotics. They can live in the moment and not worry about how they’ll feel the day after, even when they’re traveling. ZBiotics is travel-friendly, not to mention they make a great, easy gift to share with friends before the drinking starts.

“I went on a trip to Korea recently with some friends and brought ZBiotics with me. And it was a total life-saver. Going out drinking multiple nights in a row would usually make me super drained but I felt great! - Elizabeth B., LA-based travel and food aficionado

Excited by Science

ZBiotics is the world’s first genetically engineered probiotic on the market, and we love talking to our customers to learn what they’re most curious about. They ask great questions and give great feedback, knowing that the ZBiotics probiotic drink does something no other product does: breaking down acetaldehyde, a byproduct of alcohol that can contribute to rough mornings after drinking.

Want in on a little trade secret? When we advertise ZBiotics, we almost always lead with our science. After years of testing and insights, we found out people are drawn most to our product because of our transparent, science-forward, and educational brand messaging.

Our customers are as excited about this innovative technology as we are, and they seek out a deep understanding of how it works in their bodies. That naturally leads to a curiosity about things like genetic engineering, biology, and the microbiome. We’re more than happy to continue these important conversations.

“One of the most practical and necessary synbio innovations yet - and yes, it actually works. My husband and I don’t drink without it.” - Abigail Y., an expert in the sustainable agriculture and food tech community

Customers of ZBiotics

Are You a ZBiotics Drinker?

Chances are that you drink or know someone who drinks alcohol. But responsible drinkers know that alcohol comes with tradeoffs. Drinking water while drinking alcohol is important, but it doesn’t solve everything. Layered on top of responsible drinking, ZBiotics can help where other methods can’t.

At ZBiotics, we use real, cutting-edge technology to help people who drink mindfully and always plan ahead, even before they take their first sip. If you want to feel prepared to wake up refreshed tomorrow, join the thousands of people who drink ZBiotics before drinking alcohol.

ZBiotics conducted a digital survey from July 27, 2022, to August 2, 2022, with 383 respondents. A population of approximately 6,000 ZBiotics customers across the United States of America were invited to participate in the survey via email.