1 Million+ Mornings Saved

Your best insurance for a great next day after drinking.

Free shipping on US orders. 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

1 Million+ Mornings Saved

Your best insurance for a great next
day after drinking.

Free shipping on US orders. 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


What is ZBiotics® Pre-Alcohol Probiotic?

The world's first and only bioengineered probiotic drink, designed for you.


When you drink alcohol, an unwanted byproduct called acetaldehyde forms in your gut, creating particularly rough feelings for you the next morning.


ZBiotics® Pre-Alcohol Probiotic Drink is the only product that breaks down acetaldehyde while you drink, helping you feel better the morning after.

Who Drinks ZBiotics?

We often say that ZBiotics is for anybody, but not everybody.

You drink ZBiotics because you believe in the power of science to improve lives, see the value in waking up ready to seize the day, and seek a balanced lifestyle.

In short, you want to enjoy everything life has to offer.

ZBiotics in Your Life

With ZBiotics, I'm no longer playing Russian roulette with my productivity the next day. Life is too short to spend a whole day recovering.

Sophina T.


ZBiotics has been such a huge help for me in reducing my anxiety around having a drink or two with friends during the week! What used to cause a very inevitable and very obvious drop in my productivity and creativity the next day is now an enjoyable, stress-free night with friends.

Kofi O.

Software engineer and singer/songwriter

One of the most practical and necessary synbio innovations yet - and yes, it actually works.

My husband and I don’t drink without it.

Abigail Y.

Startup Chief of Staff

Have Questions?

ZBiotics is the first of its kind, and that’s bound to raise some questions. As scientists, curiosity is in our DNA, so we encourage you to ask your own and read our FAQ.

1. What is ZBiotics® Pre-Alcohol Probiotic?

ZBiotics® Pre-Alcohol Probiotic is a patented, genetically engineered probiotic that helps you land on your feet the day after drinking alcohol. It’s engineered to break down an unwanted byproduct of alcohol called acetaldehyde – the main culprit in those rough mornings after drinking.

2. How does ZBiotics work?

ZBiotics is designed to replicate the natural process of your liver, but do it in your gut. We took a normal probiotic bacteria you already eat every day, and we bioengineered it to produce the same type of enzyme your liver already produces. That enzyme breaks down acetaldehyde – an unwanted byproduct of alcohol that forms in your gut when you drink.

Your liver does not have access to your gut. But by putting ZBiotics directly in your gut, the goal is to augment your body’s natural ability to digest acetaldehyde while you drink and while you sleep – helping you make the most of the next day. Just remember that ZBiotics does not affect intoxication or make alcohol safer to drink, so always drink responsibly.

3. When do I drink ZBiotics?

When you're drinking. The earlier the better.

ZBiotics’ probiotics need time to “wake up” in your gut, so we say the earlier the better if you can remember it. We drink ZBiotics just before going out – right before our first drink. But ZBiotics should be active if you drink it any time during the day or evening, so a few hours before drinking, right with your first drink, or even if you’ve already enjoyed a round or two, go for it.

Still Not Convinced?

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